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KubeSphere Lite

KubeSphere Lite is an out-of-the-box managed service for Kubernetes clusters. It offers the quickest way to start a Kubernetes cluster and deploy a lightweight KubeSphere container platform with one click. Ready-to-use cluster resources help users easily handle learning, teaching, training, testing, demonstration, and more scenarios.



Feature Highlights

  • Second-level Startup

    Second-level Startup

    Help you create a minimal, ready-to-use Kubernetes cluster in a minimum of 5 seconds.

  • One-Click Setup

    One-Click Setup

    Quickly deploy the industry-leading KubeSphere container management platform to efficiently manage clusters and containers.

  • Easy to Use

    Easy to Use

    Save the effort to set up and maintain basic cluster resources, and users can quickly get started with containerized applications.

  • Reliable Service

    Reliable Service

    Provide users with professional and sound service and support as a CNCF-certified KCSP.

Use Cases

  • Learning


    Learn about Kubernetes fundamentals and leverage the cluster as an interactive hands-on tool.

    Applicable to:

    Kubernetes beginners and students majoring in computer science and software

  • Teaching & Training

    Teaching & Training

    Design Kubernetes-relevant development and O&M courses and leverage the cluster as a teaching tool.

    Applicable to:

    Teachers and curriculum developers from training institutions, colleges, and universities

  • Testing


    Build automatic testing environments, deploy applications to containers, and test usability of applications.

    Applicable to:

    Developers and test and O&M personnel

  • Demonstration


    Build a demo environment to demonstrate product features to customers.

    Applicable to:

    Product managers, customer success managers, and sales personnel