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KubeSphere Enterprise

KubeSphere Enterprise is an enterprise-class container management platform initiated by the KubeSphere open-source community.


KubeSphere Enterprise Hyper-Converged Infrastructure

Out-of-the-box, with industry-leading container platform KubeSphere Enterprise in combination with distributed SAN storage system NeonSAN.

The alliance between China's first internationally acclaimed open-source container platform and one of the industry's Top 4 distributed block storage brands sets a benchmark for cloud-native infrastructure and accelerates the adoption of containerized environments.


Use Cases

  • Enterprise-class Container Assurance

    Enterprise-class Container Assurance

    As a CNCF Kubernetes-certified service provider, QingCloud is devoted to assisting enterprises in embracing Kubernetes. The CKA-certified support team will respond to customer requests in 2 hours by ticket, email, and phone.

  • DevOps O&M Integration

    DevOps O&M Integration

    KubeSphere Enterprise works with third-party software to provide a complete set of DevOps toolchain involving continuous integration, continuous delivery, deployment and release, continuous monitoring, and continuous feedback. This maximizes the efficiency of development and testing.

  • Microservices Mid-End

    Microservices Mid-End

    KubeSphere Enterprise uses Istio to provide microservice governance capabilities, such as canary release, blue-green deployment, traffic mirroring, circuit breaker mechanisms, observability of microservice topology relationships, and Jaeger-based distributed link tracing.

  • Multi-Cluster O&M Management

    Multi-Cluster O&M Management

    KubeSphere Enterprise supports unified management of multiple clusters in Solo and Federation modes. It employs OpenPitrix to manage applications in multi-cloud environments, making it easy for large-size enterprises with multiple Kubernetes clusters across regions and clouds to achieve O&M integration.

  • AI-driven


    By partnering with OrionX, KubeSphere enables containers to use virtualized GPU resources across hosts, which is more cost-effective and flexible in terms of GPU resource allocation than NVIDIA solutions.

  • App Distribution and Operations

    App Distribution and Operations

    KubeSphere Enterprise supports the OpenPitrix platform that integrates application management and operations. It is highly scalable and pluggable and supports multi-cloud platforms, application types, and packaging specifications, full application lifecycle management, and business operations.

  • CNCF Member

    CNCF Member

  • Best Practice Vendor of Cloud-Native Landscape

    Best Practice Vendor of Cloud-Native Landscape

  • Certified Kubernetes Conformance

    Certified Kubernetes Conformance

  • Microservices

    Service governance

    Grayscale release

    Circuit breaker

    Flow control

    Smart routing

  • CI/CD

    Image registry management

    Image migration

    Source to image

    Image scan


  • Application Management

    Application release

    Application deployment

    Version control

    App repository management

    App Store

  • Observability

    Cluster and application monitoring

    Cluster and application logging

    Alert notifications

    Audited logs

    Event search

    Metering and billing

  • Security

    User management

    Role management


    Third party login authentication

    Key management

  • Network


    Calico/Flannel/QingCloud CNI/OpenELB

  • Multi-cluster Management

    Multi-cluster Management

    Management of standard Kubernetes clusters

  • Multi-tenancy


    Cross-cluster resource orchestration/multi-level organization management

  • Edge Node Management

    Edge Node Management

    Cross-cluster resource orchestration/multi-level organization management

  • Storage



    QingCloud CSI and Ceph CSI

  • Database




  • Kubernetes


  • Private Cloud

    Private Cloud

  • Public Cloud

    Public Cloud

  • VM


  • Bare Metal

    Bare Metal

  • Edge


  • qingcloud

Delivery Method

  • On-Premises Deployment

    On-Premises Deployment

    KSE × Kubernetes

    Delivered with all-in-one Kubernetes while compatible with the native Kubernetes

  • Cloud-Native Appliance

    Cloud-Native Appliance

    KSE × QingStor NeonSAN

    Out-of-the-box cloud-native appliance with industry-leading SAN storage

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  • QKE


    KubeSphere on QingCloud

    Container platform delivered on the QingCloud public cloud

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Intel®️ Select Solutions for Open Source Cloud Based on the KubeSphere®️ Container Platform


Intel is a long-term and stable strategic partner of QingCloud. KubeSphere® has been selected by Intel® Select Solutions for Open Source Cloud. Cooperation between the two companies can better help enterprises effortlessly embrace the cloud-native era through transformation and innovation.


Spencer Lin

Vice President of QingCloud

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